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Have an opportunity to encourage others?

Step up and run with your opportunity. Just a few simple words of encouragement can change someone's life. Your words. A moment of your time can change a life.

It's simple. Choose those words, give them to someone and you'll encourage people. A good friend once passed along to me words of wisdom from his father... He told me: "Words cost nothing. Give them away!"

Give away the words that give a person a reason to pursue their goal or their dream. You're telling that person, with your words, that you believe in them... that their dream is not a pipe dream that will never happen. You're telling them that their dream is worth going after, worth their time and very real.

When the opportunity to encourage someone comes your way, say those words they need to hear. Use your chance to make a difference. When you do, you'll inspire them and give them the confidence to move forward. To take the steps to go for their dreams.

Showing your support to someone whom admires you, looks up to you, or even might consider you a role model helps them see that you care. Just think, you might well be the one person to open the door to their dreams. Just a moment of your time and a few words was all it took.

When you notice someone with talent, make a point to take the time and compliment them. Let them know you care and recognize their ability.

I believe that when you encourage others, when you inspire others, the good you give away, will come back to you... Over and over again. And as you know, I am living proof.

Go out and encourage everyone you meet today! I just did.

© 2009 Pastor Tim Levin
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