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May God's healing hands,
Come upon you today;
For this one thing, my special friend,
I shall forever pray.

Put all your faith in Him,
For He will always see you through;
His love and daily care,
Will be there faithfully for you.

He will never let you down,
Though storm clouds may come your way;
He will follow where ever you go,
He'll hold your hand always
as you lovingly pray.

May God's angels watch over you daily
They send His healing hands
and tender care;
He is watching over you always,
Since heaven He's already there.

You get well soon and may God bless you,
Your wonderful family will be there,
I'm sure;
And God's great love and care
you can count on;
For it is ever so blessedly pure.

© Shirley Jean Pickens
Used with permission

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