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You never know what tomorrow may bring

Without any warning you could lose everything

So don't take anything for granted whatever you do

Appreciate those who mean the most to you

Because tomorrow you may not have the chance to say

What you put off thinking you will have another day

And before you know it, it will then be too late

And the weight of regret will become too great

So never let anything come between those you love

For nothing should ever stand in the way of

The things in life that cannot be replaced

For you only have one chance in life to embrace

Who it is God has placed in your life

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, a wife, a husband, children,
fathers, mothers

Friends, cousins, sisters and brothers

So let I love you be the words you say

Because you never know what could happen today

So let not your words be consumed of hate and greed

You are the one who plants the seed

So let those know how much they mean

By never letting your love for them go unseen.

© 2005  Pamela Lawson
Used with written permission

Please honor author's copyrights by seeking permission before
using this poem in any way.


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