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Somewhere in my heart,
Beneath all of this pain,
Is a smile I still wear...
At the sound of your name.

The precious word is "MOTHER"
She was my world, you see,
But now my heart is breaking,
She's no longer here with me.

God chose her for His angel
To watch me from above,
To guide me and advise me
And know that I'm still loved.

The day she had to leave me,
Her life on earth was through,
But God had better plans for her
For this, I surely knew.

When I think of her kind heart
And all those loving years,
Because we're only human,
They're bound to bring us tears.

She truly was my best friend,
Someone I could confide in,
She always had a tender touch,
A soft and gentle grin.

I want to thank you Mother
For teaching me so well,
Even though the time has come,
That I must bid you farewell.

I'll remember all you've taught me
To put God above all others...
For I had no better teacher,
Than you...My Dear Mother.

Even though you've left this earth
And had to take your flight,
I know that you are here with me,
Each morning, noon and night.

© 2001  Ruth Ann Mahaffey
Used with permission

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