Who is the person behind Living Each Day?

Sometimes I'm like a tree with deep roots ~ firm in my convictions yet ever reaching toward the light and maturing.

Sometimes I'm like a grain of sand being buffeted by the wind and water ~ ever moving and changing.

Sometimes I'm like a light bulb. When on ~ I'm bright. When off ~ there is darkness.

Sometimes I am challenged by rocks in my path ~ that's when God takes my hand and leads me in the direction He has planned for me.

I'm just another one of God's children who has been blessed with His bounty.
A wife since 1963, mother since 1967 and grandmother since 1995.

For me, the butterfly is a symbol of new life and hope. You'll see many of these beautiful creatures of promise throughout the web site.

Minnesota, USA born and bred. I take great pride in the forests of the northern section of the state, the metro area of the central part, farmlands of the southern parts and, of course, our over 11,000 lakes. Lake Superior, largest of all the fresh water lakes in the USA, is my favorite. Vacationing "up north" along the northern shore of Lake Superior is ideal for me.

With a bachelor's degree in elementary and special education and graduate courses in early childhood, I have taught children from age 3-12...and learned from them.

Near to my heart is Gillette Children's Hospital in St. Paul, MN which specializes in providing health care for children with disabilities. I've worked both as a volunteer and as an employee.

As one of 5 people to start a new company, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc., I learned the dynamics of contributing to the establishment of a new business. Our specialties ~ orthotics, prosthetics and customized seating for people who use wheelchairs. Another aspect of the company has been research and development and it continues today.

Now retired, I enjoy reading, music in most genres, gathering inspirational material,  dabbling at writing, creating and maintaining a web site, and am a Lay Speaker in the United Methodist Church.

I have taught numerous children, youth and adult Sunday/Bible classes and initiated and facilitated a cancer support group. (I am a breast cancer survivor!)

My faith and my family are the two most important things to me.

Thank you for visiting Living Each Day. Come back often.
May God bless you always in ALL ways!   adelle north


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